“For me, it’s destiny”

Leonard Agapito – Owner, General Manager


TOUGH COLUMNS CONSTRUCTION was founded with a rebellious spirit and a soaring integrity.

Every idea starts with a problem. To Leonard, it’s their family’s bad experiences with contractors. For years, he worked hard in the corporate world so it was a new experience for him. However, he decided that the best way to fix an undesirable predicament was to do it on his own.

He has worked in leadership positions in various real estate companies which helped him gain extensive experience and build a successful network fundamental in managing a business.

His first experience was in 2008 when he took on his sister’s house construction because of a scam. Since then, several projects came to life and he made it a point to hold the company to a high ethical standard in terms of how they do things. Taught by experience, Tough Columns recognizes that unethical activities have the potential to jeopardize the entire operations and the trust placed in them.

The company never compromises the quality of work it delivers. By doing so, the company continuously aims to retain the trust earned from the clients, employees, and local communities.